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Vinea Ardua means steep vine or arduous vine in Latin. The name is associated with the slopes that are the

characteristic feature of our vineyards, added to this the particular cultivation of the vines which takes place solely by hand and which makes the management of our vineyards personal and intense.


The people behind the Vinea Ardua project are, viticulturist-winemaker Evangelos Bakalexis and businessman Daniel Anastasis. With a 40-year age gap and diametrically different in character, Daniel and Evangelos are brought together by the love and admiration of the special and magical terroir of Farmakas. They first harvested the Vinea Ardua Vineyards in 2020 and were elated with the result, adapting to the steep vines which extend between  900 – 1200 meters in altitude.


The high altitudes create differences in temperature. In winter the temperature often drops below zero and there is snow. In summer we have milder temperatures compared to those of areas of lower altitude. From a geological point of view, the lavas and diabases of the Troodos Ophiolite Complex dominate and siliceous soils develop. All vineyards are planted on slopes, reaching in some cases 60 degrees at an inclination. The almost complete absence of terraces in the traditional vineyards of Farmakas is a unique feature, which has an effect on soil drainage and the exposure of plants to sunlight.


Our goal is to nurture the age old vines and keep this beautiful tradition alive while producing a premium Cypriot wine.

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